Where should we take our photos?!

The world is at your finger tips when it comes to locations for photos. Sometimes this means you ultimately have too many choices. Which then turns into a scramble to "just pick a spot!".

Trust me. I know how you feel about choosing locations! 

The light here! The views there! How do I make a decision?! 

Here are 3 easy tips to help you narrow down where your photos will be taken:

1. What time will we take your photos? 
Think about somewhere that you love first (i.e. somewhere beachy, somewhere woods-y, somewhere open). Then think about where the sun is at the time of your photos. You'll want somewhere that is well lit, but not that has direct sunlight shining right in your eyes. Although I'm not afraid of photographing in direct sunlight, having some shade makes everyone a bit cooler (think less sweat!). 

2. How accessible is this spot?
When you discover your perfect spot also take note of how you got there. A bit of a walk is wonderful because there will likely be little nooks and crannies along the way! Having those little pit stops before getting to "the spot" is a great way to warm everyone up to the camera. 

3. Still stumped? Just ask me! 
I love giving options for photo locations! I've been a lot of places and have a wonderful list of various spots! 

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