What's in a photo?

One of my favorite things about spring, summer and fall is the amount of people that get out and enjoy the many parks and trails around the Sheboygan County area. 

A couple of weeks ago when I was at Maywood park taking photos during my most recent Mini Session Weekend a few ladies came walking past us. Most people are pretty curious about what I'm doing and often smile at whomever is behind my camera. 

But what these particular ladies did was so surprising to me! We stopped to let them pass by and I jokingly said, "I'd love to take your photo ma'am! Your jacket is a perfect spring pink! You could be famous with that jacket!"

To my surprise she smiled the biggest smile and said, "well! I'm already famous! there's a billboard with my eyes on it advertising for one of my doctors -  I'd LOVE to have you take my photo!!"

As she finished her sentence she turned to face me and flashed her smile. 

This made my day! 

What a lovely smile!

What a lovely smile!

Thank you ma'am! I hope you keep that!

What made you smile today?