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Welcome 2018!

What. A. Year! 
For starters - Hi! I'm Maggie, owner of ML Photography and Design!
I'm thrilled that you've stopped by to check things out around here. I do my best to keep up and blog when I can. This past year was SO busy (which, I know it's busy for lame excuse ;) ). However I challenged myself to blog once a month for 2018 - and if you're wondering whether or not it's a, it's not...because I am notorious at keeping my promises about resolutions. But a that is something I'm more than likely to keep! 

Image courtesy of Olive Moon Doula

Image courtesy of Olive Moon Doula


This past December we welcomed our first born into the world! Being a mom has totally rocked my world. It is hands down the best and hardest thing I've ever done. But to see that little girl's smile just melts our hearts. LittleDog is also just as in love with our girl as we are. He is just the sweetest dog with her :) 


Our little family 

Our little family 


In the midst of being pregnant and having our girl we also decided to get married! So, to all the brides to be, I am right there with you planning my own wedding! I'm excited to plan my own wedding and in turn give you some resources that I have used and will be using! 




Other things I've been up to this past year: taking lots of photos and teaching lots of yoga!

I'll be posting photos from different sessions throughout last year - and let me tell you I am SO excited for you to see them all! I had so much fun meeting and taking photos of last year's clients! Some new faces, some familiar faces, and lots of faces that are growing up! As a photographer its so much fun to watch families grow and change over the years! 

Make sure to check out my Instagram feed for the most up-to-date peeks at what I'm up to!





Hello! I am so excited that you have stopped by! 
Being a photographer is so fun! I get to take photos and capture your memories for you to enjoy for years to come! 

In my spare time I love to be outside doing just about anything - stand up paddle board, hiking, running, walking my dog, enjoying the sun. I recently learned to I would love it if we'd get some more snow ;) 

I also enjoy spending my time with my boyfriend and my dog! 

Send me an email! Let's connect! I want to hear about you and capture some of your memories! 

My LittleDog :)

My LittleDog :)